We develop the technical talent you need. The proof is in the coding.

What we deliver:

  • A dedicated team of Engineers and IT professionals
  • A cost-effective hiring strategy
  • A training program built to address your business needs
  • Fully trained employees who make an impact on day one
  • A team of support resources for post-deployment assistance
Our B2E Emerging Tech Track program expands your hiring options by offering access to a candidate pool that is un-tapped, diverse, and custom-trained to meet your technology needs.

Consider B2E training as containerization: We identify the building blocks your environment needs and customize the program to ensure you can plug and play resources to meet your deliverables.

Each training is customized to mirror the project teams of our clients. We train dedicated cohorts for client-specific environments, which allows them to contribute more quickly to their new roles.

York recognizes the shortage of IT Talent and is committed to developing technical resources by reimagining the recruiting process to provide opportunity to a unique pool of highly diverse people.

B2E provides you with a competitive advantage through:

  • Access to a pipeline of technical talent that didn’t previously exist
  • Closing the diversity gap, especially for women in IT and BIPOC
  • Providing a top-notch pool of military veteran candidates
  • Gritty and tenacious candidates who already have life experience and transferable skills

How The B2E Program Works

b2e-how it works
The B2E program helps individuals looking to re-enter the workforce break through workforce barriers while providing a new pipeline of IT talent that drives business success for companies.
The comprehensive, paid, training program is led by a trainer with executive-level experience in the IT industry and focused on IT and technology skills, including project management.
Our goal is to always have a positive impact on the lives, careers, and futures of IT professionals within the communities we serve.

The Statistics Behind Our WHY

According to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, only 36% of IT jobs are held by people of color.

– U.S. Census Bureau

93% of “highly qualified” women who have “off-ramped” their careers are eager to return to work full time, but only 40% successfully do so.

– Harvard Business Review

56% of Professional U.S. jobs are held by women, but only 25% of IT jobs are held by women.

– IT Manager Daily.com

3.6 million veterans who served since 9/11 still face an unemployment rate higher than the national average at 5.8%.

– Bureau of Labor Statistics


“We have recently adopted York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry Program. This program will enable us to bring aboard entry-level resources at a very reasonable cost with tremendous upside. I would not hesitate to recommend York Solutions’ services.”
Chris Howe
Vice President of IT at a Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company