Let York Solutions help you start your IT Career with the Barriers to Entry Tech Track!

Don’t let a lack of experience keep you from getting the career you deserve.

We can (and will) teach you the skills needed to be successful in an IT career.

For over 30 years, York has helped technology companies find the right developers for their teams. We know exactly what the top companies are looking for and how to teach you those skills.

You don’t have to navigate the job search alone.

Barriers to Entry (B2E) is a unique, comprehensive, paid training program designed to teach and equip people seeking careers in technology by providing them an entry point with our clients

Launch your new career with York Solutions Barriers to Entry Tech Track!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to have a technical background or education for this program?

    No, you need to be able to follow directions and comprehend new information.  All you need is an interest and a willingness to challenge yourself to learn something new.

  • Is there a cost to attend this program?

    No, this is a paid training program through York Solutions.  You must successfully complete the screening process to be admitted into the program.  Don’t panic!  We have resources available to you to help prepare!

  • What can I do to prepare for the admission process?

    Review the resources on our website and complete the tutorials available during the assessment.

  • Will I need to be in person for the training?

    All training will be held virtually until further notice.

  • What is the commitment level needed from me to be successful?

    Hard work takes effort.  It will be challenging, but it will be worth it!  You are not going it alone.  York Solutions team are here to support you during and after training.

  • How long is the training program?

    The duration of training programs can vary from 8-11 weeks of fulltime paid training.

  • Can I work while attending the training program?

    This is a personal choice based on your situation. Training is full time.  Start and end times each day may vary. There will be work assignments to complete outside classroom time.

  • What happens after graduation?

    Upon graduation you will be placed with one of our clients in an entry level technical role.

  • What if I don’t have a computer?

    No problem!  If do not have other means of accessing a computer, you can schedule time to complete your assessment in the York Office.  If you are accepted into the program, York Solutions will issue you equipment for use while you are in training.

How The B2E Program Works

Helping individuals looking to re-enter the workforce break through barriers, while providing a new pipeline of talent to drive business success for our clients.
The comprehensive, paid, training program is led by a trainer with executive-level experience in the IT industry and focused on IT and technology skills.


“The Barriers to Entry Program not only provided me with the skills I need for a new career, but taught me quite a bit about myself. I learned that I am capable of anything I put my mind to, stronger than I imagined, and am grateful for the renewed sense of passion the program provided me.”

Dee Hampton
B2E Graduate


B2E Technical Training Suggested Learning Prep