To explore the various ways York Solutions can help your organization, request a delivery workshop with our project delivery organization.

Delivery Workshop:
  • One-on-One customized discussion
  • Identify current delivery commitments or expectations
  • Assess your current capabilities (resources, skill sets, processes, tools).
  • Explore how York Solutions services enable you to meet your goals:
    • Development Resources (Java, Salesforce, QA, Integration, Data Services, Security, etc)
    • Process Implementation and/or Coaching (DevOps, Agile, other)
    • Product Architecture, Road-mapping or Scalability (consulting service)
    • Capability Scaling:  CoE or Shared Service build-out (PMO, Shared QA, Salesforce, etc)
Delivery workshop discussions are geared towards understanding the current state delivery capabilities, desired future state vision and a collaborative approach to creating a plan to assist your delivery organization to move from a current to future state model.

Request a One-on-One Customized Discussion