Tom Neumann

Tom Neumann joins the B2E program after his extensive career in the medical device industry as a Sales Representative. In his career as a Sale Representative, Tom gained experience in customer service, Project Management, and growing long term professional relationships with clients. It is because of his past experience that he also gained excellent collaboration and communication skills as well. Tom hopes to incorporate his current skills, as well as his bond and rapport approach along with formal training from Barriers to Entry to start a new career in IT.

Rahim Jiwa

Rahim Jiwa joins the B2E program with a diverse background in banking, payroll, treasury, mortgage, and retail management. Through his variety of positions as a professional, Rahim has acquired strong skills in communication, adaptability and is self-motivated in the workplace. These skills have helped Rahim excel in the areas of Web Based Support, Customer Service, and Project Management. Rahim hopes to incorporate his technical and customer service experience with formal project management training to launch his career in IT.

Nishu Kapoor

Nishu Kapoor joins the B2E program after 8 years in engineering and project management support roles. She has a solid academic background from top schools coupled with hands on experience in engineering projects of varying sizes and complexity. Nishu brings a keen desire to utilize her professional experience, transferable technical and analytical skills with formal project management and scrum training to jump start a career in IT. Her ideal role includes supporting IT teams with opportunity to learn fast, grow and become a high performing IT professional.

Lidia Abraha

Lidia comes to the B2E program after a lengthy career in a variety of both project management and specialist positions. Not only does she have knowledge and skills in customer service, she is also a self-made media manager, where she furthered her own digital marketing and brand management skills. She can be described as Self-Driven, Innovative, and Independent, making her a strong presence in the workplace. Through her experience as both a team-player and an independent leader, Lidia brings forth a new perspective in projects and strategies. Lidia is hoping to expand her already vast resume and skill set with formal IT Project Management training through the Barriers to Entry program.

Yohanna Yemaneab

Yohanna joins the B2E program after an extensive background as a claims specialist where she gained experience in customer service as well as skills in management. Yohanna gained many professional skills through these roles such as strong leadership skills, Project Management, and Implementation. Not only did Yohanna gain extensive professional skills, she also gained note-worthy skills as a Problem Solver, becoming analytical and detail oriented. Yohanna is eager to continue her knowledge and widen her skillset obtained through the formal IT training from Barriers to Entry.

James Allen

James Allen joins the B2E program after spending the last 15 years in the retail industry where he mastered Project Management, Relationship Management, and Leadership. James has a variety of professional skills including Customer Service, Project Coordination, and Relationship Management. It is because of these skills and his extensive background that James can be described as a strong leader with impressive skills in Critical Thinking, as well as being detail oriented. James hopes to incorporate his leadership experience along with formal project management and Scrum training to launch his career in IT training.

Jacob Powers

Jacob Powers joins the B2E program after spending most of his career in the military and working in the federal government, whether it was with the Army, Veterans Benefits Administration, or Department of Homeland Security. It is through these various roles that Jacob has gained professional skills in implementation, leadership, and project management. Jacob has obtained his Masters in Security Technologies and is excited to start a new career in IT utilizing his skills obtained through the military, federal government, education and formal IT training from Barriers to Entry.

Bruce Lindberg

Bruce Lindberg joins the B2E program after spending the last 15 years planning, leading, and coordinating projects in the US Air Force, as well as within K-12 education. Through his variety of roles as a professional, Bruce has acquired strong skills in problem-solving, communication and as well as being innovative and analytical. Because of these skills Bruce has excelled in Project Management, Compliance, and Auditing. Bruce hopes to incorporate his creative approach with formal project management training to launch his career in IT.

Ayantu Hassan

Ayantu joins the B2E program after gaining management and customer service experience through a career in various representative and assistant roles. It is through these roles that Ayantu has gained not only professional skills but also strong skills as a communicator, making her extremely reliable and adaptable. Ayantu brings a sense of independence while also being extremely collaborative and synergistic. She is eager to further and continue her knowledge in all fields through the the Barriers to Entry program.

Angela McRoy

Angela joins the B2E Program with a background in Sales and Marketing. As a Marketing Director, she enjoyed the project management piece of her duties. Angela would like to take her experience with some formal training and certifications from B2E to help her emerge into the IT world.