Professional Summary

Bruce Lindberg joins the B2E program after spending the last 15 years planning, leading, and coordinating projects in the US Air Force, as well as within K-12 education. Through his variety of roles as a professional, Bruce has acquired strong skills in problem-solving, communication and as well as being innovative and analytical. Because of these skills Bruce has excelled in Project Management, Compliance, and Auditing. Bruce has just completed an assignment working for Express Scripts and an Associate Implementation Project Manager, which ran from the beginning of September 2018 through the end of January 2019.


  • Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall
  • Soft Skills: Communication, Innovative, Analytical, Problem- Solver, Organizer
  • Relevant Experience: Certified Professional Project Manager, Compliance and Audits
  • Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Share Point, Lucid Art, Snagit Pro, Adobe Captivate 9, Adobe Acrobat CC, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Claims Analyzer tools


  • Certificate of Webinar Fundamentals
  • Mini Master – Certified Project Manager, University of St. Thomas
  • Mini Master – Certified Microsoft Project, University of St. Thomas

Professional Experience Highlights

Associate Implementation Project Manager

  • Created onboard support documents for inbound clients with 99% on-time completion for over 40+ projects
  • Created automated trackers using macros in Excel ensuring all data is up to date on a moment’snotice for review by project managers and leadership team
  • Volunteered to update and repair project tracker. Decreased discrepancy rate by 99%

Instructional Designer

  • Designed courses using ADDIE and Agile management in .html and .html5 formatting creating engaging learning experience for learners working in a Meta Data Warehouse, previous courses were limited to instructor led, with the new computer-based training a larger audience will be able to be served

Instructional Designer

  • Redesigned and updated 10 critical training courses for nursing staff during my 6-week contract on an agile project

Long-term Substitute Teacher

  • Managed ever changing environments, classroom settings, and lesson plans on an array of subjects

Service Manager

  • Maximized service resources without adding additional expenses to the budget. Coordinated services for students, school staff, families, and outside agencies.
  • Developed and implemented a tracking system that used advanced functions in MS Excel to track student progress; IF/Then strings, pivot tables, and graphic charts to display comparative data that provided stakeholders with a clearer picture of student progress; increased the communication between all stakeholders by 90%

Project Manager

  • Managed staff development project for training staff on integration of students with special needs into the general education classrooms resulting in a decreased need for pull-out services to meet learning needs
  • Increased engagement with the general education, and an increased comprehension of general education staff on best practices for meeting the needs of diverse learners

Instructor, Auditor, and Project Manager

  • Managed student record compliance project run within the framework of an iterative method in which the scope was to identify violations within student records and bring all records into compliance in preparation for a state department of education audit that was completed ahead of schedule on under budget
  • Developed curriculum in career readiness, lead staff development efforts in Special Education Due Process. Increased student participation in the regular curriculum by 80%

Education & Training

  • York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry Program – Concentration: Project Management (in process)
  • University of St. Thomas – Master of Arts in Education
  • Augsburg College – B.A. in History