Professional Summary

Jon Pederson joined the Barriers to Entry program after spending time in the Marines and then as a Technical Analyst as a civilian. After graduating from Barriers to Entry, Jon worked as a PMO analyst and a Scrum Master, where he was able to apply what he learned in B2E, as well as utilize his technical skills and knowledge he gained from the Marines, working as a Technical Analyst.


  • Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall
  • Soft Skills: Effective communicator, attentive to detail, flexible, problem solver
  • Relevant Experience: VBA Developer, PMO Reporting Analyst, Scrum Master/Agile Coach, SharePoint Administrator, Technical Support Analyst, Software trainer
  • Software: VBA, SQL, JIRA, Rational, SharePoint 2007 & 2013, PowerPlan, Microsoft Office, Windows 10, Windows 7, Microsoft Project, Active Directory, Citrix, HP Service Desk, ServiceNow


  • Scrum Master Certification

Professional Experience Highlights

Scrum Master / Agile Coach

  • Joined a multi-state project in progress, helped draw the work flows, set up a JIRA Scrum/Kanban board, created epics, stories, and tasks, scheduled and managed regular standups and backlog planning meetings
  • Created tools to provide regular, detailed reports on progress (SharePoint, Excel)
  • Assisted project manager with financial reporting with SAP BusinessObjects reports
  • Assisted with process of project being promoted from out of a parent project, by helping to create new SharePoint site, and migrating project documents and artifacts to new site, with new classification structure

PMO Analyst

  • Collected various monthly financial reports, and collated them into a unified source of information for the project management community, using Excel, Visual Basic, and MS Access
  • Managed archived reports
  • Worked to improve processes, and adjusted code when inputs changed
  • Developed process to be run annually to summarize the previous year’s data, and prepare data tables for new forecasts, Created ad hoc reports for directors
  • Saved the PMO 50 hours per year by developing faster code
  • Maintained the PMO SharePoint sites, kept links and reports current
  • Helped manage transition from SharePoint 2007 to 2016
  • Created and edited Nintex forms, and did troubleshooting on workflows
  • Created lists for managing work orders, and updated lists weekly with data from PowerPlan system so PCs have current info to work with
  • Wrote and maintained automation for PCs (Portfolio Controllers and Coordinators)
  • Created programs that were well-documented and easy for them to use
  • Importing information from previous reports
  • Quickly summarizing information on project variances
  • Saved the PCs 50 hours per month by developing Excel VBA automation

United States Marine Corps

  • Mainly stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, and overseas deployment
  • Programmer / Computer Support / Logistics
  • Held secret security clearance
  • Promoted to Sergeant

Education & Training

  • York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry Program – Concentration: Project Management 
  • St. Cloud State, Central Texas College, and Augsburg College – General Studies, Computer Science