Helping Our Employees Grow

At York Solutions, we believe professional development is critical to the success of an organization. From the top down, we focus on helping our employees reach their goals and their full potential. When our employees are happy and fulfilled, we know that the whole team succeeds.

Because of our passion for professional development, we created an initiative called the L.E.A.D. Program. Through this program, we aim to provide learning opportunities for team members, such as an internal mentorship program and regular training sessions focused on helping team members grow both professionally and personally.

When our founder and Chairman of the Board Bill Carr started York Solutions, he wanted to create a workplace where people enjoyed coming to work each day. Every day we ensure we are achieving that goal by following the “rules” Bill set forth: Come in with a good attitude, Put in a good day’s work, and Play nicely with others. While these “rules” may seem simple, they truly make a difference in maintaining and growing our unique culture.

We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

How a Loud Pair of Socks Changed Our Way of Thinking

What started as a way to encourage IT professionals to have a little bit of fun and express their creativity, quickly turned into a movement. From across the globe, York Solutions’ clients and Think IT Association members proudly wear their vibrant socks each day to show they are proud of what they do. #YorkSockClub