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5 Tips for Choosing a Managed Service Partner

When you begin looking for a managed service partner to handle your company’s IT needs, the options can be overwhelming.

Is your biggest concern A or B? Do you want package X or Y? Will you need short-term help or ongoing support? Will the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the expenses?

Before you throw your hands up and abandon your search in frustration, take a moment to reflect on what IT solutions your company truly needs – and what kind of managed service partner can best provide them. Look for these five qualities when making your decision.

  1. They take their time with you.

Pay attention to how a prospective provider communicates with you on the initial call or at the first meeting. Do they jump right into their sales pitch, immediately trying to convince you to sign a contract? Or do they spend time asking questions and listening to your responses? What kind of rapport do you have? These early interactions are representative of what your future relationship will be like.

  1. They ask the right questions.

Every business is different, and the right managed service partner wants to know what makes your company tick. They have done their homework, and they ask thoughtful questions about the challenges you’re facing. They seek to understand your pain points so they can propose customized solutions.

  1. They offer clear explanations.

You want a managed service partner that can take charge of your IT requirements so you can get back to your core tasks. But you also need them to be able to explain what is happening with your company’s technology – in plain English, not in buzzwords.

  1. They have stellar testimonials.

To get a better sense of how a provider works with clients, ask. Read their case studies and testimonials. Look for online reviews. Ask for references. An excellent managed service partner won’t hesitate to put you in touch with satisfied clients.

  1. They provide value.

After your first meeting, a prospective partner should be able to provide you with a concise value proposition, outlining concrete ways they will address problems, and strategies that will contribute to your success and growth. If their plan aligns with your needs, you’ve found your ideal managed service partner.

Have more questions about finding the right partner to manage your IT? Learn more about our Managed Service Solution (MS3).