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MS3 Case Study: Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company

York Solutions’ Managed Service Solution (MS3) is a workforce development program that provides clients with high-quality teams in a short timeframe. MS3 recognizes that hiring top IT talent requires time and resources that many busy companies can’t spare.

York Solutions partners with each client to act as an extension of its management team. MS3 uses detailed forecasting and industry expertise to acquire, manage, and retain IT resources that help the company save money and reach its goals.

The Challenge

A Fortune 100 company that makes diverse consumer, business, and industrial products, was launching a major enterprise services upgrade across multiple states and countries. The initiative included a network overhaul, SAP implementation, and a security update.

To support this program, the company initially needed more than 350 IT contract employees to work on multiple technologies over a 36-month period. Limited local resources were available, and the client wanted to be able to bring in talent to scale.

The Solution

By implementing the MS3 model, York Solutions shouldered the burden of screening, interviewing, selecting, and onboarding and met the client’s approved requirements in less than ten days. York’s focus on quality, speed, and value facilitated an effective and efficient vetting and selection process:

  • Quality

Searching for candidates with documented technical capabilities, industry experience, and soft skills; results show 50% or greater reduction in performance issues

  • Speed

Streamlining onboarding and administrative processes; results show 50% or greater reduction in placing new hires

  • Value

Offering on-site management at no extra cost for improved accountability; results show significant client time saved

The Results

Over the course of York Solutions’ eight-year partnership with the company, the MS3 program provided 603 IT resources to the company.

MS3 saved the company nearly $5 million in hiring, onboarding, and maintenance costs. It also resulted in long-term hiring benefits: the client received top talent in less than 10 days from project approved requirements, with a turnover rate of less than 9%. MS3 helped improve the company’s productivity and agility, leading to a boost in employee morale and cohesiveness

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