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A New Beginning: York’s technical solution revolutionizes large healthcare provider’s application to improve customer satisfaction

An existing legacy application that functioned enterprise wide was hampering a large healthcare provider’s resulting in very low customer service scores and feedback from primary care physicians.


React, Java 8, 11 with Spring Boot framework.


After discovery, a new widget was built, that could easily be deployed within multiple applications and provide a more seamless user experience.

Talent Solutions Leveraged

This project used the SAFe Methodology and included 14 York consultants including 1 Lead Full Stack Engineer, 10 Software Engineers, 2 Quality Engineers and 1 Scrum Master. The software engineers team consisted of both front end and backend developers. The front end leveraged a micro-frontend using modern React with typescript and the microservices back end uses Java 8, 11 with Spring Boot framework.

The existing legacy provider platform was leveraged for back end solutioning with all rules applied on that platform. Provider Search APIs were created to connect the provider platform with the newly redesigned front-end widget, to make it more easily accessible for its multi-application utilization. Scalability was a significant consideration during development.


Phased Release to Ensure Positive UX  

Due to the size of the healthcare provider, the product release lifecycle was done in stages. The newly redesigned web product was first released, and then the mobile product was scheduled to be released shortly thereafter. The web product will continue to be implemented across other web applications throughout the business to scale with organizational needs over the next several years

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