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Link to Leadership Program


An Invite-Only Training Program for technology Leaders

The Link to Leadership Program is specifically designed for technology professionals with career goals in technology leadership and offers six classes that are led twice a year by senior members of Think IT. Once an individual has successfully completed each of the six courses they will receive a Think IT Link to Leadership certificate.

The purpose of Link to Leadership is to aid technology professionals in developing their soft skills, while giving them the opportunity to learn from some of the most senior IT leaders within Think IT. Mastering the concepts discussed in each of the six courses will allow participants to perform more effectively in their current roles and, in turn, make them more qualified for leadership positions.

The fee for participating as a student is $1,500. Net proceeds from the program are donated to Genesys Works-Twin Cities.

Link to Leadership Modules

Module image

Know Thyself

Richard Walker, CEO at York Solutions

Understand how to leverage your natural personality as a leader. Understand other styles and how to interact with them.

Module image

Building High Performing Teams

Kelley Gurley Ph.D, Global Head of Data Digital Technology Portfolio and Demand Management

Understand how strategic hiring and creating a high functioning workforce plays into organizational culture.

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Leadership and Management Styles

Jessica Farnum, Sr Director of Operations at Optum | Tracy Smith, Sr. Director Data & Analytics at Be The Match

Understand your management style and how to use it. Learn the difference between management and leadership.

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Fundamentals of Coaching

Tiffany Lauria, VP of Execution and Value Delivery at BCBS | Sarah Engstrom, CISO & VP IT Security, Productivity & Privacy at CHS

Provide tools to approach coaching situations with confidence.

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Business Communication

Trevor Farnum, CTO at Data Recognition Corporation

Understand business communication – why it is critical for IT – and discuss effective communication practices.

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Your Leadership Journey

Mike Musto, Chief Information Security Officer, Manufacturing at 3M

Presentation of project demonstrating applicability of the Link to Leadership competencies, which is required for certification.


Link to Leadership Faculty

  • Andy Bingenheimer, CIO of Risk and Corporate at U.S. Bank
  • Jessica Farnum, Senior Director of Operations at Optum
  • Trevor Farnum, VP of Technology at Data Recognition Corporation
  • Melissa Flicek, Sr. VP, Platforms and Experiences at Optum
  • Kelley Gurley Ph.D, Global Head of Data Digital Technology Portfolio and Demand Management
  • Cara Getschel, Sr. Director of Application Development and Support at Prime Therapeutics
  • Dan Gowens, Former Sr. Director, PMO at Prime Therapeutics
  • Matt Herrmann, Sr. Director Business Applications at Perforce Software
  • Bobbie McAdam, VP Enterprise Program Services at Medica
  • Mike Musto, Chief Information Security Officer, Manufacturing at 3M
  • Lanna Niemeyer, AVP SoftwareEngineering, Services, Network, Rebates & Claims at Prime Therapeutics
  • Salim Omar, Vice President, EnterpriseIT Service Level Management & Operations at U.S. Bank
  • Michelle Rademacher, Sr. Manager, Program and Project Delivery at NMDP
  • Sayeed Reza, Head of Engineering, Content Central and Point of Sales at Avalara
  • Angie Schulke, Senior Director -Application Development, Data, and Business Intelligence at Life Time Inc.
  • Tracy Smith, Sr. Director of Data & Analytics at NMDP
  • Richard Walker, CEO at York Solutions



Rupa Joshi

Senior IT Manager – Software Development at Express Scripts

“What I really like about Link to Leadership is that it’s an open forum; it’s a free format. Link to Leadership connects you with a mentor like a VP or a CIO or an accomplished senior leader, and that makes a huge difference.”

An invite to apply for the Link to Leadership program.


Ready to develop your leadership skills?