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Tech Track Apprenticeship

Identify the right mind. Identify the right talent. Change your workforce strategy to amplify your technology impact and change lives.

Our Tech Track solution accelerates the development of technical talent, allowing you to accelerate your deliverables.

Our customizable apprenticeship produces the technical talent needed to create teams for today and for your future through our in-house expert training.

We deliver a custom-trained pipeline of diverse individuals at all skill levels who will evolve with your organization long term.

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How the Emerging Talent Program Works

We change the pipeline of talent coming into your organization by partnering with your leaders to craft a specialized intake system and a customized training program.

We create a competitive advantage for your organization that enhances business growth through:

  • Access to an alternative pipeline of contract-to-hire talent that addresses the IT talent shortage
  • Increased diversity of talent pool
  • Reduced attrition with increased consultant loyalty
  • Reduced spend with increased consultant quality
  • An increased ability to scale
  • Eliminating candidate misrepresentation with our proprietary screening process
  • A team of technology resources for post-deployment support

Emerging Talent (formerly Barriers to Entry) Program video

The Statistics Behind Our Why

  • Projected growth rate for tech jobs over the next decade is nearly double the national jobs rate.
  • Current IT unemployment rate is 2.1%.
  • 60% of tech job postings currently require a bachelor's degree.
  • At the same time, 64% of bachelor's degrees are earned by White Americans, 14% by Hispanic/Latinx Americans, 11% by Black Americans, and 8% by Asian Americans.
  • Current diversity of national tech workforce: White Americans 62%, Black Americans 7%, Hispanic/Latinx Americans 8%, Asian Americans 20%, Female 26.7%



Chris Howe

Vice President of IT at a Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company

“We have recently adopted York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry Program. This program will enable us to bring aboard entry-level resources at a very reasonable cost with tremendous upside. I would not hesitate to recommend York Solutions’ services.”

Francois Charette

CIO, Optum

“York's Barriers to Entry tech track program is simply put, remarkable. They have been able to build teams of high quality software engineers from a diverse talent pool that I didn't even know existed. I highly recommend this program.”

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