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Accelerating Innovation: York's Scrum Teams Propels Successful POCs for New Telehealth Product


A leading telehealth provider encountered a time-sensitive challenge: the urgent need to onboard two Scrum teams to execute Proof of Concepts (POCs) for a new product. The tight timeline demanded swift action to assemble skilled teams capable of delivering results promptly.


Java, Node.js


Onboard two SCRUM teams

Phased Onboarding: York Solutions’ Tailored Approach

York Solutions initiated a strategic partnership with the telehealth provider's technology stakeholders to address the challenge at hand. Together, they defined the desired outcomes, developed a skills requirements matrix, and crafted a phased plan for team member onboarding.

The meticulously planned 4-stage process unfolded over a span of 4 weeks. It commenced with the onboarding of Lead Engineers and Scrum Masters, followed by the gradual integration of software engineers and SDETs into the teams. Notably, one team specialized in Java development, while the other focused on Node.js.


Success in Collaboration: York’s Impact on New Product Development 

In just four weeks, York identified, screened, and selected 21 highly skilled Scrum team members. This efficient process aligned perfectly with the telehealth provider's tight timeline, ensuring timely delivery of results.

The successful completion of the POCs marked a significant milestone, laying the foundation for further development of a new product with enhanced capabilities. This collaboration not only addressed immediate resourcing needs but also contributed to the successful advancement of their new product development initiatives.

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