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Innovative Talent Solution: Bridging the Gap for Full-Stack Software Engineers

Financial Services Company

A Fortune 500 financial services giant faced a significant challenge in sourcing qualified associate level full-stack software engineers across various departments. Traditional recruitment channels fell short in delivering the caliber of candidates required. The company not only needed these engineers to start as contingent workers but also aimed to transition them seamlessly into full-time employees. Moreover, diversity requirements and the need for innovative, forward-thinking individuals were critical considerations that conventional recruitment approaches failed to address.


Core Java, JavaScript, SQL, NodeJS, React, JUnit, Spring Boot, Kafka, microservice architecture, CI/CD processes, and Agile development methodology


York Solutions introduced the Emerging Talent program to a financial services company, collaborating with resource managers and leadership

Crafting a Curriculum for Success in Tech Recruitmen

They identified key hiring attributes and co-created a curriculum focusing on problem-solving, aptitude, and technical skills. Using unique screening and intake tests, York assembled a group of associates who underwent a 12-week training led by senior engineers. The program aimed to equip new hires with essential skills for success within the organization and simulate real world work assignments.


From Training to Triumph

After completing the training course, all associates were well equipped to step into the customers organization with confidence, the right technical skills, and clear expectations. All associates placed have successfully completed their contracts and have either started as Full Time Employees or have been granted contract extensions, showcasing the success of the program

The financial services company was so impressed with the results, they have already decided to have York begin training a new cohort for the upcoming year, focused in a different technology area.

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