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Modernizing Benefits Administration: York's Swift and Strategic Solution for a Global Payment Solutions Provider

Financial Services

Amidst impending open enrollment dates, a global payment solutions provider found itself in a race against time to modernize its online benefits administration system. Compounding the urgency was the presence of an outdated design system based on Angular 15, which posed compatibility challenges. Seeking a swift and effective solution, the organization turned to York Solutions for assistance.


Angular 6.1 to 15,Micro Services Architecture, Micro Front Ends, Web components, and .Net technologies.


Modernize online benefits administration system addressing compatibility issues with outdated Angular 15 design system.

York’s Proactive Problem Solving

York promptly addressed compatibility issues and proposed a proof-of-concept application even before the formalization of the Statement of Work. Taking on responsibilities spanning UI consulting, software development, and quality assurance, York employed industry-leading methodologies, including test-driven development, to ensure efficient, error-free code. This proactive approach not only resolved immediate challenges but also uncovered out-of-scope flaws without incurring additional costs.

The transformative journey involved an upgrade from Angular 6.1 to 15, embracing Micro Services Architecture, Micro Front Ends, Web components, and .Net technologies. This collaborative effort not only met immediate requirements but also laid a robust foundation for sustained success, positioning York as the preferred partner for critical projects.


York’s UI Revamp: Meeting Deadlines with Quality and Predictable Results

The business outcome was a revamped user interface for the BenAdmin home page, employing modern technologies and industry best practices. York's timely delivery enabled the organization to meet benefits enrollment deadlines with upgraded features. The techniques introduced by York were adopted by the customer's other development teams, benefiting multiple applications using the new design system.

The payment solutions provider reported that York's team demonstrated unparalleled speed and quality, leading to York's designation as a strategic supplier. The close partnership infused best practices into other customer teams, marking York as a catalyst for positive change. 

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