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Streamlining Logistics Operations: York's Innovative Solution for a Global Transportation Firm


A leading global drayage and intermodal logistics company faced significant challenges with delayed payments stemming from invoicing errors and issues in customers' payment systems. In an effort to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, the firm sought a reliable partner to develop an advanced solution capable of addressing these complex invoicing issues.


Kafka, Quarkus, Java, React, JUnit, Material UI, and Selenium


Develop an advanced solution to address invoicing errors and customer payment systems while streamlining the process

Revolutionizing Invoice Processing

York Solutions was entrusted with the task of developing a comprehensive solution to tackle the logistics firm's invoicing challenges. The result was the creation of an innovative invoice audit and tracking system that far exceeded initial expectations. This system seamlessly integrated with customer Rest APIs, Web Portals, and EDI Endpoints to monitor invoice statuses in real-time and automatically resubmit any invoices facing errors. Additionally, York implemented a sophisticated rules processor for automated correction and resubmission, enhancing operational efficiency. The user-friendly web UI provided easy management of rules, ensuring a seamless user experience.


York’s Kafka-Enabled System

Utilizing Kafka message queues for enhanced flexibility, the system, now dubbed the Transaction Audit System, transcended its original purpose, becoming a central component for routing, processing, time tracking, and triggering actions across various transactions. York's loosely coupled architecture, anchored by highly available Kafka, set a new standard for future application development within the firm.

Achieving Results Beyond Expectations

Results were striking: a 50% reduction in invoice-to-cash processing time and a 70% decrease in manual invoice tracking hours. 

The system not only met but exceeded all project objectives and timelines. The logistics firm now had a transformative solution at their fingertips, elevating efficiency and agility across diverse applications.

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