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Tech Talent Transformation: A Strategic Partnership's Success Story


A major retailer faced a critical talent shortage in their technical teams and desired to reduce their dependency on high-cost consultants. They also desired to increase the pipeline of technical talent into full time roles within their digital organization. Turning to York's emerging talent program for a solution, the goal was to build two cohorts totaling 40 team members, specializing in full-stack software engineering and data engineering.


JavaScript, CSS, React, Redux, Java, Spring Boot, SQL, Docker, Jenkins, Jira and GitHub, while the data engineering cohort delved into Google Cloud, Big Query, Cloud Data Flow, Cloud Data Fusion, Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, Java, Python, Jira, and GitHub


Build two cohorts of 40 team members in full-stack software engineering and data engineering to address talent shortage and reduce dependency on high-cost consultants.

Tailored Training: York’s Customized Approach

York customized curriculums for both cohorts. The full-stack software engineering cohort focused on JFollowing a rigorous screening process, which included tests and challenges to validate skills, York identified 40 highly skilled and motivated team members in the location of the retailer’s corporate headquarters.

These team members underwent a customized training program. This immersive training approach, tailored to emulate real work environments, equipped them with practical skills relevant to the organization’s dynamic technical landscape.


Thriving Teams: York’s Sustainable Approach

The outcome yielded two cohorts of 40 team members, well-versed in the latest technologies, and ready to contribute effectively to the technical teams. Impressed by their quality and productivity, the retailer converted 90% of these team members to full-time employees. 

Two years later, these individuals continue to thrive, showcasing the success and sustainability of the program. York's strategic approach, encompassing customized training post-screening, has not only addressed immediate talent needs but has also positioned the retailer for long-term success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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