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10 Most Demanding IT Positions

July 03, 2012

At some point, nearly every IT professional has dealt with the emergency system restart, fixed a corrupt file at 4 in the morning, or spent a late night working at the data center. While some aspects of IT have been automated, it still demands the human element; the IT professional who steers the ship that keeps an organization’s technology afloat.

And which IT positions are the most demanding in an IT department? Emerson Network Power just released an interesting report on “The Most Always-On IT Jobs,” based on a survey of about 800 IT professionals around the world. Emerson determined that these are jobs in which “the IT professional has to be always available, always working at peak capacity and always accurate.”

The top 10 most demanding positions are:

  1. Executive director/administrator
  2. IT procurement
  3. IT manager/director
  4. IT operations
  5. Data center manager
  6. Engineering
  7. IT security
  8. Applications/software development
  9. Database management

Why was the department head/director listed as the most demanding position?

“They work on many projects at once, and… only 25% agree or strongly agree that success depends on things out of their control. In other words, they are accountable for success, and that translates into high job demands. As one director puts it, ‘I must always be available for any emergency, on alert and pushing the limit so we can deliver results to our clients.'”

Would you agree that this is the most demanding IT job? What are the most difficult parts of your position? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted By: James Sweeney


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