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19 Do’s and Don’ts for IT Consultants

May 14, 2012

Being an IT Consultant is a demanding job and it is our goal at York to help you be the best consultant you can be. This list of IT Consultant do’s and don’ts has been carefully put together after gathering feedback and information from numerous sources including current hiring managers, “C” level people and IT consultants themselves.

As an IT consultant, your goal is obviously to meet, and wherever possible, exceed the expectations of your client. In order to accomplish this, it is imperative that you understand and fully appreciate the importance of self evaluation. Whether you are about to start a consulting project or currently on one, learn the best practices of being an IT consultant and be prepared to ask yourself some tough questions!

19 Do’s and Don’ts for IT Consultants

  1. Do: Manage client expectations. Help guarantee York Solutions meets them.
  2. Do: Make sure you take the time to introduce yourself to other team members.
  3. Do: Perceptions are important; awareness is key to managing client perceptions.
  4. Do: Establish rapport.
  5. Do: Be honest.
  6. Do: Internally check if you “add value” to the client on a daily basis.
  7. Do: Communicate often and frequently.
  8. Do: Pay attention to verbal / nonverbal client reactions, i.e. how they respond to you; how they say something, watch for little signs.
  9. Do: Keep client informed of what you are doing and your location. No Surprises Management. For example, let them know if you are leaving early, how they can contact you, what your schedule is, etc.
  10. Do: Know that as a consultant you are always on “stage.” The clock is ticking and the client is always watching.
  11. Don’t: Don’t ignore the client culture.
  12. Don’t: Don’t dress inappropriately.
  13. Don’t: Don’t gather in groups and socialize at the client site – the client doesn’t care that you worked 12 hours the day before, they are paying a lot of money for your services.
  14. Don’t: Don’t speak inappropriately.
  15. Don’t: Don’t ignore client time schedules.
  16. Don’t: Don’t ignore client behavior.
  17. Don’t: Don’t make fun of the client.
  18. Don’t: Don’t lag behind on a project deadline. If there are issues with reaching milestones, call your account manager to discuss the most appropriate course of action.
  19. Don’t: Don’t work on travel arrangement and expenses on client time.

Posted By: Brandi Will


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