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4 Undeniable Truths We Learned from Building a Growing Community

September 06, 2016

We’re undeniably excited to share that our very own Brandi Will, SVP, Program Development – B2E Program, was recently asked to write an article on the “4 Undeniable Truths We Learned from Building a Growing Community” for Mabbly to be featured on their online magazine The Science of Story

Brandi led the pack as we built our own Think IT community, so there’s no better person to write on our experience. In her article, Brandi mentions that “creating a community isn’t hard to do.” But, the true test is how you continue to grow that community.

While we easily learned hundreds of things as we developed Think IT, Brandi broke it down to these main items: have a purpose aligned with your business objectives, never rest on your laurels, always be adding value, and have FUN! These four undeniable truths are the epicenter of everything we learned, and what we will continue to learn as Think IT grows and breaks into new market areas.

Take a look at the full article here

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Posted By: Jaclyn Roman


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