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4 Ways Mentoring Can Boost Your Career

December 04, 2012

It’s no secret that people who have a mentor are proven to be more successful. According to the American Society of Training & Development, 75 percent of corporate executives point to mentoring as playing a key role in their careers. Think IT has even created its own mentorship program. But what about becoming a mentor? Why would you want to spend your time helping someone else instead of focusing more on your own position and/or career? As it turns out, mentors have just as much to gain as their mentees.  Here are just a few reasons to become a mentor:

You may learn as much as you teach

“By the end of the mentorship, I gained as much knowledge as I shared with my mentee.” It’s something that many of our mentors have said since joining Think IT’s Mentorship program. Mentoring allows you to build your leadership skills by helping your mentee tap into his/her potential. That knowledge can also elevate your career. According to a study done by Sun Microsystems, both mentors and mentees were 20 percent more likely to get a raise than those who did not participate in a mentorship. Mentors were also six times more likely to receive a promotion.

You expand your network 

The word “networking” is to career advisors what “location” is to realtors. What are three of the best ways to advance your career? Networking, networking, networking. Mentoring not only helps you learn from others, it expands your network to include people in other positions, companies, and generations. Mentorships go a step further than the typical networking event; you create a personal connection with your mentee, and that relationship offers some unique benefits. As one mentor said “By helping others I’ve also created a network of allies I can rely upon when I need help.”

You attract top talent

As Management Mentors said in a recent blog post, mentoring is one of the most effective tools in attracting, winning and retaining top talent. Professionals who participate in these programs are highly motivated and passionate about their career, making them ideal candidates for positions at your company.

You help someone reach their potential

As Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” The advice you give your mentee could completely change his/her career path or provide new perspective. Becoming this guide can be extremely rewarding both professionally and personally.

Think IT’s mentorship program, which began earlier this year, has been a huge success, introducing both senior leaders and IT professionals in junior roles together. What do you want to gain from your role as a mentor? Gain the perspective? Spread your network to other organizations? Tell us in the comments section below.

Posted By: James Sweeney


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