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6 Tips to Succeed in IT Consulting

January 28, 2014

You are sitting at your desk, glancing at the clock to hit 5pm, and daydreaming about what your next career move will be. So, you start thinking about what you like in a job—solving difficult problems, juggling multiple deadlines, coming up with new ideas, and helping others. Sounds like IT consulting could be a great career move for you, but how do you launch yourself into the consulting world?

Study the Industry– Even though you have been working in the IT industry day in and day out, take a step back and assess the “big picture.”  Look into what changes can be made, how those changes will benefit different clients, and know the latest advances in technology.

Network– Research some of the top consultants, find them on LinkedIn, and see if you can ask for their advice on how to get into the business. Also, look at joining network groups such as Think IT Association. It’s another great way to expand your network, find a potential job, and connect you to possible clients.

Educate Yourself– Take the initiative to attend a few classes that are currently being offered in IT or look into attending webinars. They can boost your resume as well as be another great way to network!

Just know that consulting isn’t for everyone. Benji Bourinat, Corporate Consultant at Interpublic, says “It requires technical know-how and managerial awareness. You have to become this component that is missing, the remedy to the situation.”

The consulting field is growing faster than ever. Once you have landed a position, the next step is to succeed. There are three key requirements for consulting success: be different, be strong, and be committed.

Be Different– Ask yourself this question- How is what you do different than others doing the same thing? First and foremost, make sure you know this or you could end up competing for work by price. Strive to have a unique work culture and learn how to interact with all different types of people and personalities.

Be Strong– Have the ability to work under challenging conditions and still be able to provide great strategies that turn into actions. Sometimes, that means finding an individual to team up with to give the best game plan to the client.

Be Committed– Ensure that you attain customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and business development. Always strive to go above and beyond and continue to learn new practices and technology.

Remember, consulting can be strenuous, stressful, and a challenging career. Before jumping in, make sure you do your research, have the certain characteristic traits to enter the realm of consulting, and are committed to being very service oriented.  

Have a story or advice for those wanting to enter IT consulting? Post it below!

Posted By: Danielle Toste


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