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7 Ways Networking Can Help You Grow As An IT Professional

June 04, 2012

A career in IT or any field in today’s marketplace requires strong networking skills. But how can those skills not just build your network, but help you grow as an IT professional? Forbes recently published an article giving professionals 7 Reasons Networking Can Be a Professional Development Boot Camp.

  1. Peer Learning
  2. You Must Always Be Ready!
  3. Take Notes While You Network
  4. Ask Non-Traditional Questions
  5. Put Your Personal Brand to the Test
  6. Continue the Conversation
  7. Hold Yourself Accountable

Follow one of Forbes’ tips and continue the conversation over at Think IT. Think IT Association provides you with the tools to network, share knowledge and discuss the latest IT trends with professional peers. Located in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Think IT boasts over six professional groups and 800 members of the IT community, each with various levels of experience and expertise.

Posted By: Brandi Will


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