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AI Summit 2024: Empowering Leaders for Success


Join business leaders and the top technologists at the AI Summit in Minneapolis, MN, on September 16, 2024, to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. This event, powered by York Solutions, offers attendees the chance to discover the latest advancements in AI. With live demonstrations of use cases, you'll gain practical insights into how various industries are utilizing AI to tackle complex challenges while gaining a return on investment. Additionally, the summit provides ample networking opportunities, allowing you to forge meaningful connections with business and technology leaders from around the world.


All net proceeds from the event will be donated to Genesys Works, a non-profit dedicated to providing career pathways for high school students in underserved communities.


If you are a senior leader looking to leverage AI for strategic objectives, this event promises to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to navigate the complexities of AI. Tickets are $99 per person, with group rates available. Registration now open!