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April IT News Roundup!

April 26, 2016

Fastest-Growing Tech Skills

If you’re thinking about changing careers, or you’re curious to know where you stand amongst the competition, Dice revealed the technology skills that are currently in popular demand. Technology is constantly changing, which also means industry professionals need to regularly update their skillset. Are any of these skills on your resume?

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CIO/CMO Successful Partnerships

As Jeffry Nimeroff, CIO at Zeta Interactive, says, “A solid CIO knows that it is about using technology to solve business problems that creates value, not using technology to solve technology problems.” Do you find this to be true in your organization? Read this article by to learn how CIOs are helping to market their companies!

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Remove QuickTime from Your Windows Computer

In the last few weeks, our society has been advised to uninstall QuickTime from our computers since Apple announced they will no longer send updates for the program’s code on Windows computers. What you may or may not have heard is that other programs on Windows computers rely on QuickTime to operate. You can learn all of the details in this New York Times article.

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What recent news in the IT industry was most impactful for your and organization?

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