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Barriers to Entry (B2E) Instructor Profile: Silvia Hinton

Barriers to Entry (B2E) Instructor Profile: Silvia Hinton

April 18, 2017

York recently launched a new program, Barriers to Entry (B2E), which is designed to help individuals re-enter the workforce by providing them training in project management and other skills. Learn more about Silvia Hinton, VP of B2E at York Solutions, and how her experience in IT makes her the perfect fit for growing the program. 

Can you tell us a little more about your role within B2E?  

My responsibilities as the VP of B2E include the creation, implementation and oversight of the program. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as hiring participants, facilitation of training, and meeting with clients.

What were you doing before you joined York?

I have been an IT Leader in the Minneapolis area for most of my career. I also owned and operated a small business with my husband.

My most recent job was running an extended PMO for a regional health plan. However, my background also includes the leadership of teams in Application Development, Quality Assurance, Production Support, Vendor Relations, and PMO.

How has your previous experience helped you in growing the program? 

It gave me strong insight into what organizations are looking for and how they operate as they run projects and look for talent.

How is B2E helping to close the skills gap in IT?

B2E is tapping into a talent pool that is often overlooked. The individuals in the program come from a variety of backgrounds and skills. They transfer the skills learned in other industries into their new roles and quickly become productive members of their teams.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in a new IT career? 

Go for it! IT offers so many avenues that will provide an interesting and challenging new career!

In your opinion, what is the outlook for IT project management? 

The methodology may change but project management is a skill that will always be required.

Click here to learn more about the B2E program! 

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