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Changing to a Career in IT

May 23, 2017

Most people have probably thought about changing careers at some point in their working life, and this thought can often seem too daunting to become reality. While many careers in certain industries require at least some sort of certification and/or education, what options are available for those looking to change their career?

Information Technology (IT) is a hot market right now as organizations look to improve their security measures and make other technological enhancements to help them stand out in the marketplace, and these advances create a market primed for job seekers. More and more articles are available that help people understand that a transition into an IT career can be very beneficial, without sacrificing years of going back to school.

Technology Certifications

Starting an IT career isn’t as tricky as it may sound. With a little research, you can find certification programs in your area, many of which are often offered at your local community college. However, if you need a more convenient option, websites such as Codecademy offer free online programs that teach coding skills in over a dozen code languages, and these online courses can be completed in a matter of weeks.

Relevant Experience

An article found on Monster has great tips that can help make the change to IT a little easier. One suggestion is to take on roles that have some overlap with the technology department as these types of roles will provide insights into IT, while also giving you some tech experience.

Another important suggestion is to include any tech experience you have had on your resume as this can help get your foot in the door for future technical roles. Whether the particular role was in IT or not, showcasing your technical skills will emphasize your current knowledge and establish a foundation for technical growth.

Barriers to Entry (B2E)

At York Solutions, we also have a program dedicated to helping individuals re-enter the workforce, specifically in IT project management. The Barriers to Entry program, or B2E, is a 3-week training course in project management, as well as some other technical programs, designed to prepare participants for the real-world IT experience. Program graduates are then placed, through York, at one of our clients on a contract-to-hire basis.

The three main cohorts of people we accept into the program are stay at home parents, veterans, and those looking to change careers. We often find that individuals with these backgrounds have skills in organization, strong communication, etc., that prove to be universal in the IT project management industry. We help you to maximize on these skills as they help you to thrive and succeed in the technical space.

While it can be a challenge to begin an IT career, we believe that there are many resources that can help you successfully make the transition, and our B2E program is a great resource to pursue if you desire to work in the IT industry.

Learn more about B2E here

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