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Dice’s 2017 Tech Salary Survey Summary

April 04, 2017

Have you wondered how much technology professionals earn? Can you guess which markets or skills offer the most compensation? Well, now you can put those thoughts to rest! In late 2016, Dice surveyed thousands of tech professionals across the country regarding compensation, position, skillset, industry, location, etc. The results from the survey have been published, and we have highlighted the most important details below.

Salary and Job Satisfaction Trends

In the last ten years, tech professionals received the second largest salary in 2016 with an average pay of $92,081 – the largest average salary was reported in 2015 at $93,328. Although the average salary slightly decreased, networking and storage professionals reported a higher salary from previous years as many organizations transition to cloud storage and begin to support the development of IoT.

Also, tech professionals continued to reported they were satisfied with their salary for the second year in a row, but 27% would be willing to relocate for a different position.

Salary Trends by Metro Area

It may not be surprising that the city with the highest paid salary is Silicon Valley, followed by Boston, San Diego, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. Technology professionals in each of these cities reported an average salary over $99,400.

It’s interesting that New York City and Seattle, cities that are thought to be traditionally tech areas, have fallen outside of the top 5 cities, and Minneapolis claimed a spot even with a -1.0% salary change from 2015.

Highest Paying Tech Skills

Professionals who have skills surrounding Big Data, DevOps, Project Management, Mobile, and Cloud reported the highest earnings. These specific skills include HANA, MapReduce, Cloud Foundry, HBase, and OmniGraffle, ranging from salary earnings of $123,782 to $128,958.

Technology is a rapidly-changing environment, so tech skills that received the highest earnings from a year or two ago may no longer receive the same pay as newer skills become more in-demand.

Top Employer Motivators

As the job market becomes more competitive, many employers are looking for ways to attract technical talent and set themselves apart from other companies. The top “motivators” employers offer include increased compensation, flexible work location, more challenging assignments, and flexible work hours. When it comes to a new job, tech professionals look for perks that suit their lifestyle needs and will begin their search with companies that can offer some of these motivators. Dice also noted that presenting educational opportunities is a great perk as tech professionals try to keep their skillset up-to-date.

You can read the full report of Dice’s Tech Salary Survey here.

Did anything surprise you about the results of Dice’s Salary Survey? 

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