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Gearing up for 2020: Building YOUR Roadmap (people, process, technology)

At our most recent Think IT Quarterly Event we had a fantastic panel leading the charge and diving into how they will be leading their team in 2020.  I want to thank Dee Choudhary, Julie Devine, and Brian Greenberg for leading us in a very informative meeting on Gearing up for 2020: Building YOUR Roadmap (people, process, technology). I would also like to thank Chris Carter for hosting our meeting at Zurich!

For this meeting, we opened it up to the attendees to submit questions on the topic at hand. Thank you to all that submitted a question or two, let’s see what our panel had to say.

The first question that we asked our panel had to do with investments, how are you putting them in place for your talent workforce to incessantly keep them engaged?  Dee started off the conversation by stating that they have an innovative area to use their imagination and create things.  Brian added to that and said when working with his teams, create a playground for them to grow. Lastly, we asked Julie and she uses Microsoft Teams, Smartsheet, Pluralsight and of course huddles. In the end, they all agreed that keeping your team engaged, happy and opening the doors to new ideas, will keep excited to learn and grow within the organization.

We had a few questions regarding security. Right now, this is a huge concern with ransom wear within companies, striking some over two times in a year.  We started this conversation by finding out the panelists’ strategies to build IoT, how your team is securing it and the technology you use to keep it secured.  Brian jumped right in by simply saying you need to educate your entire team on this. Make sure you have security protocols, and you need to follow a process. We then touched on cyber attacks and again making sure your entire company is educated on this arena, leadership as well. You must have business continuity and if you don’t have a CISO or someone internally, hire an outside company to come in, access the situation and help you solve the problem.

Lastly, we touched on the roles and responsibilities of your team and making sure that they understand the analytics of your customer.  All agreed that technology changes too fast, it’s hard to have one role for too long. You want people that are willing to learn, change with the times and do whatever to get it done. In order to know your customers and your company, you must understand everyone’s roles and responsibilities at your job. They also all agreed that creating a healthy and happy culture, with training and room to grow, will make for a better team, employee and overall knowledge or your company and whomever you work with.

Thank you for attending the meeting and we look forward to seeing you at the next Think IT event.