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IT Certification Profile: Apache Cassandra Certification

February 09, 2016

Our culture is fast paced, in constant motion, and highly connected which often requires data to spread quickly across multiple networks. With the ability to scale large amounts of data across many servers, Apache Cassandra is a powerful and increasingly in-demand technical skillset to have.  Each month we feature insights into an IT certification, and this month we will highlight the Apache Cassandra Certification.

Founded as a top-level project born at Facebook, Apache Cassandra is a disruptive database with uptime architecture to operate and manage structured data and offer continuous ease and simplicity. According to, “Apache Cassandra is a massively scalable open source non-relational database that offers continuous availability, linear scale performance, operational simplicity and easy data distribution across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones.”

Why the Apache Cassandra Certification?

Datastax Academy also asserts that “the demand for Apache Cassandra and NoSQL skills is skyrocketing with Cassandra developers commanding 54% higher salaries on average than other technologies.” Achieving this certification will not only increase your knowledge of Apache Cassandra, but also allow for more job opportunities. IoT applications, social media analytics, tracking and monitoring user activity, retail app support, and security are just a few of the various applications for which Cassandra offers seamless solutions.

Certification Path

There is a three step path to Cassandra certification: Developer -> Administrator -> Architect.  The Apache Cassandra Developer path equips you with the tools to create innovative apps and get them to market. The Developer Certification exam costs $300 USD and is a 56 question, multiple choice exam with a 90 minute time limit. The Apache Cassandra Administrator builds, monitors, protects, and maintains the database. The cost for the Administrator exam is $300 USD and it consists of 68 multiple choice questions in a 90 minute time period.  Lastly, the Apache Cassandra Architect path focuses on data modeling, installation and configuration, and performance tuning, among other things. The exam costs $400 USD for the 72 question, multiple choice exam with a time limit of 180 minutes. View more details about the Apache Cassandra Certification here.

For a brief introduction to Apache Cassandra and its architecture, read this post found on Datastax.

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Posted By: Anastasia Hoosman


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