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IT Certification Profile: Identity Access Management (CIAM)

IT Certification Profile: Identity Access Management (CIAM)

December 08, 2015

Security risks have always been difficult to manage in the most efficient and effective ways. With the Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM) credential, the value of your skillset will sharpen your ability to properly monitor and manage identity risks and user access to systems. This month we took a deeper look into understanding the significance of this credential in our IT certification profile.

What is CIAM?

“Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the most important discipline of the information security field which aims to manage user identities and access to enterprise resources and data” (Security Management Institute).

Administrative attention by the business IT environment is evolving and increasing due to disruptive trends in the industry and workplace. The business side may see a need for BYOD and mobile apps for the efficiency of business processes, but they also need a deeper understanding of device and service management in order to launch and run these tools effectively and safely. That is where the CIAM certification comes in handy – to authorize and control the overall security of such processes.

Why Identity Access Management?

This certification provides a framework for business processes to manage user identities and related access permissions and user privileges that are granted according to set policies. Non-compliance issues may occur regularly which creates room for misuse and risk of jeopardizing user identities. Proper authenticated, authorized, and audited policies are followed for identities and services.

What is the Certification Process?

An examination is currently not required for qualified and interested candidates if you apply for Identity Management Institute membership and submit an application for CIAM.  The application fee for the CIAM is $195 if you are a current IMI member. To maintain the certification, one must obtain continuing education credits. There are also schools that offer an Identity and Access Management program, such as Northwestern, University of Texasat Austin, and Harvard.

A lack of identity and access management leaves room for risks to the overall organization’s security.  For more information about Identity Access Management, please read this informative article by Tech Target. And, for another look into the Certified Identity and Access Manager profile, including the benefits and helpful resources, check out an article here.

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Posted By: Anastasia Hoosman


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