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IT Reorganization…Looking on the Bright Side

November 18, 2014

Defined by TechTarget, Reorganization, in a business context, is an overhaul of a company’s internal structure.  Change can be effective if it occurs where it is actually needed to drive success. Some may say reorganization is a feared term, but be that as it may, there can be great benefits.

Why reorganize?

There are various reasons why an organization or specific department undergoes reorganization. Reasons include efforts to cut costs, address corporate changes, as well as the need to regroup and detail the vision of the organization, just to name a few. In IT especially, reorganization can occur to: restructure the IT department, take a deeper look into the budget, determine what efforts can promote agility, keep technology up to speed, and minimize outsourcing costs.

How to transition into a successful reorganization?

Reorganization can elicit effective operations and increase quality customer service, but getting there is far from easy. Once the goal behind the reorganization is determined, it must be communicated effectively and clearly so plans can be implemented to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

Strong leadership is needed to detail the process and oversee any possible interference. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what is and what is not working in your organization.  Reorganization requires time, and cannot be rushed. Make sure that your strategies push for a positive impact with the reorganization, and do not lead to frustration and failure. 

  1. Properly evaluate the time needed for implementation
  2. Determine the ultimate goal of this reorganization
  3. Plan and execute strategies that will allow the organization to reach this goal
  4. Ensure there is communication not only with your department, but with your organization as a whole
  5. Use leadership to clarify any misunderstanding of why this change will be occurring 

Whether it is a departmental or company-wide change, reorganization will likely affect your entire organization. Thus, it is truly important to effectively communicate the vision and goal to employees in order to receive the support you organization needs to make the effort a success.

The future looks bright!

A web article via CIO, How to Do a Pain Free IT Reorganization,stated, “In addition to reaching out to the business side, give front-line IT staffers a formal role in reorg planning so that they can express concerns and help others understand the day-to-day impact of proposed changes.” Proper communication and the use of team leaders can detour any hindrance of stirring up the department.

Overall, the client or the customer is valued first and IT organizations want to ensure they are providing seamless, cost-effective business solutions. Optimize client needs and wants, and get rid of anchors that are weighing down business development.

What are other ways for a smoother IT reorganization transition? 

Posted By: Anastasia Hoosman


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