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Job Hunting in IT & Tech? Chicago is a Good Place to Be

Job Hunting in IT & Tech? Chicago is a Good Place to Be

January 29, 2018

Chicago is a job-seeker’s market in 2018 – and it’s particularly rich in opportunities for skilled tech, data and IT candidates.

The unemployment rate in Chicago is the lowest it has been in 10 years, according to a recent Crain’s Chicago Business article (the rate was 4.7% in November 2017, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Recently, Glassdoor featured 180,362 open positions in Chicago in December, up 16.1% from the previous year. And along with finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, tech is one of the industries experiencing a huge upswing in job demand. A recent staffing analyst report in December showed that 21% of Chicago-based CIOs plan to add employees to their companies, an increase from 11% the previous December.

Crain’s Chicago Business also took the threat of automation into account when compiling its list, only focusing on jobs that aren’t in danger of being contracted out to machines. Of the 10 featured in-demand, Chicago-area jobs, four were in tech, data, and IT; positions included data scientists and network security engineers. This is all encouraging news for IT professionals who want positions offering job security and competitive salaries especially since all the in-demand jobs showed steady growth and paid more than $50,000 a year.

“If companies want to hire top talent in a job-seeker’s market, they must act fast,” says Tom Parker, Vice President of Consulting Services. “What the Chicago market is telling us is that companies need fresh talent to grow, and job-seekers are at an advantage because they have a variety of companies to choose from. Companies can realize this talent with a process in place that streamlines hiring and allows them to hire quickly and efficiently.”

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Posted By: Brandi Will


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