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Looking Past Price- 7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in IT

May 06, 2014

Let’s face it- our world revolves around technology. With computers, cell phones, internet, printers, tablets, and everything else that has become a daily tool for work and for one’s personal life, investing into one’s IT department is crucial for success. It is nearly impossible to run a business without using some type of technology. Some might think that this is a given- a company should already be investing into the IT department; but, they might not be looking into the right equipment, programs or products leading to unnecessary spending. So, here are seven reasons why your business should be spending money (wisely!) in this department:

  1. Increase Productivity– By purchasing the correct software for your company’s needs, the technology will not only simplify, but create streamlined processes that will help meet deadlines with ease and fewer errors. Not only will you have less stressed employees, but happy, satisfied clients.
  2. Progress Anywhere- Having your IT department implement different ways that work can be completed, as in remotely and securely, has huge advantages for your employees and your business as a whole. By allowing flexibility and the freedom to work anywhere, it makes getting the job done easier.
  3. Security– With the recent surge of security breaches, investing time and money into figuring out what IT security solution is best for your company is important to keep the integrity of the business, as well as make customers and clients feel secure. There is not a one-type solution that works across the board for all companies and to have top protection doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend an astronomical amount of money. It’s imperative to find the right solution that works for your company’s needs.
  4. Time– Investing in a sound IT department that is able to create processes, identify critical issues, and provide security will free up management’s time for decision making and other important business needs.
  5. Gain Competitive Advantage– It is very important to differentiate your business from the competition not only to get new customers, but to keep your existing ones. By researching and purchasing technology that can create innovative products and services, you can boost profits and increase brand awareness. The right technology can help the business operate at its peak and make you stand apart from other companies.
  6. Attract New Business– Internet and social media are vital in today’s society in order to promote your business and expand your web presence. Creating a unique and visually appealing website that can feature news feeds, calendars, customer support features and beyond will make your company much more attractive to current and prospective customers. Don’t forget about the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) either! These techniques can be used to maximize your visibility in search engines and increase the traffic of your website.
  7. Preparing for the Future– When a crisis hits the economy, business slows down. However, now is the right time to plan and implement IT infrastructure improvements that will keep you thriving during a potential downturn and then help you to hit the ground running when the economy recovers.

In the end, it’s all aboutwhat is best for your organization. Try to avoid spending money on flashy or trendy technology that won’t help your company grow and thrive.

What have been great technology investments for your company and why?

Posted By: Danielle Toste


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