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MS3 Case Study: Fortune 10 Healthcare Corporation

Finding the right talent to fill in-demand technology positions is an ongoing challenge for many companies. York Solutions partners with clients to understand their workforce needs – as an organization overall and on specific teams – and match them with top IT and tech talent. With our Managed Service Solution (MS3), we manage the entire hiring process, helping organizations save time and resources, while meeting their business goals.

The Challenge

A Fortune 10 healthcare innovation company needed to place multiple scrum teams to deliver on key initiatives within a short timeframe. Managers were overstretched, keeping up with their day-to-day responsibilities and getting new team members productive quickly. York Solutions took the lead on identifying, hiring, and placing new scrum team members across junior-, mid-, and senior-level positions.

“The normal hiring process is incredibly time-consuming for managers,” said Angela Slack, Sr. Director Strategy & Execution, National Consulting Services at York Solutions. “For each open position, they could have six to 15 vendors submitting resumes to consider before moving onto interviews. I once saw a manager hiring for one position, and she spent 10 hours on each person interviewed – and she’d interviewed 50 people. It takes a lot of time and energy.”

The Solution

Through a series of initial meetings, we developed a deep understanding of the client’s organizational culture, their scrum team needs, and the skill gaps they wanted to fill. Once we completed this phase, we identified, screened, and placed candidates on the appropriate teams.

“Because we do such a deep dive in the beginning to understand the overarching needs of the organization and each team, we have a clear idea of who will be the perfect fit for a role,” said Slack. “Our team includes people with tech backgrounds, so we can ask the technical questions and administer skills tests to see if candidates can truly deliver on what they put on their resume. And we explore which soft skills and personality characteristics will make someone a great culture fit as well.”

The Results

York Solutions placed a total of 110 individuals within a 12-month period, meeting tight deadlines to stay within the 10-day SLA guarantee. MS3 saved the company a total of 11,571 hours of work and $983,535.00 in soft savings.

“We take the entire hiring burden off the internal team,” said Slack. “Managers are excellent at what they do on a daily basis, but hiring requires a different skill set and background. We specialize in this process, and we have the ideal people in place to make quick, expert hiring decisions. The client has been very happy with York’s work, and many of the consultants we’ve placed in the company have gone on to be converted into full-time employees.”

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