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MS3 Case Study: Fortune 1000 Video and Streaming Company

York Solutions provides workforce solutions for companies with diverse IT and technology needs. With our Managed Service Solution (MS3), we support high-quality, specialized teams within organizations to meet business goals, and save time and money.

The Challenge

A Fortune 1000 video and streaming company was going through a period of major change, altering its business structure, updating its brand, and starting new projects. The company was building out a pricing and loyalty program on a very tight timeline and needed help from a partner that could provide a high caliber resources in a short time frame. The company’s current employees didn’t have time to manage recruiting or hiring a new team, so York Solutions came in to manage the entire process.

The Solution

We met with the client’s key decision makers in a series of discovery meetings. By speaking with the CTO, the VP, and individual directors, we gained an understanding of what the overall goals for the project were, and what gaps each team needed to fill to succeed.

York Solutions implemented their MS3 model to manage every aspect of hiring and training: recruitment, interviews, job offers, team building, and onboarding. We also became an extension of the client’s marketing department, showing prospective hires the benefits of working for the company and setting up a referral program for happy consultants to assist with recruiting.

“At first, it was an adjustment for the internal team not being involved in their own hiring,” said Tom Parker, VP of Consulting Services at York Solutions. “But they were thrilled when they saw how well the process was going and how much time they saved.”

The Results

York Solutions built a team of 25 resources within 30 days. After the four-month project ended, 90% of the consultants stayed on to assist with the next phase of the company’s transformation, and a majority remained for a year. More than 10 consultants are still working for the client 18 months after the initial project began. The MS3 program saved the company a total of $283,725 and 3,783 hours of work. We are continuing to work with the client on an ongoing basis.

“Their team is very happy with the work we’ve done and our partnership,” said Parker. “With such a high retention rate, it’s clear that we put a high-quality team in place.”

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