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MS3 Case Study: Fortune 500 Utility Company

York Solutions’ Managed Service Solution (MS3) is a customized workforce development program designed to deliver high-quality teams for project success. York Solutions works with each client to determine its individual needs, using forecasting and industry expertise to fill open IT positions and manage resources to save money and achieve the company’s goals.

The Challenge

After years of outsourcing IT infrastructure and network teams through another provider, a Fortune 500 utility decided to bring these capabilities back in-house. The company wanted to meet new regulatory requirements and gain more control over their teams, as well as achieve cost savings and increased performance. It needed to hire a total of 96 resources and bring new team members up to speed on a tight timeline. The client chose to work with York Solutions as a strategic partner on a Contract-to-Hire (CTH) model.

We had a short window to scale a strong team of resources quickly across multiple verticals, smoothly managing the knowledge transfer from existing staff to ensure no service interruption. The company had limited frontline managers who were focused on managing essential day-to-day operations, so interviewing, selecting, and onboarding duties fell largely to our team.

The Solution

  • York Solutions implemented the MS3 model to provide program managers, project managers, engineers, system administrators, and system analysts into specific work teams.

This comprehensive solution:

  • Minimized risk through York’s sourcing guarantees
  • Reduced overall costs and time expended
  • Provided higher quality resources
  • Required less involvement from the client’s leadership in the selection and conversion process

The Results

In accordance with York Solutions’ SLA 10-day guarantee, we identified 32 resources to start during the first wave of the program, split between Minneapolis and Denver. Over the course of the three-year project, York Solutions onboarded 133 total resources, with a veteran and minority selection rate of 27%.

MS3 enabled the company to realize over $10 million in savings, in comparison to its previous provider. Our program also led to ongoing staffing improvements, resulting in a 100% conversion for resources offered full-time employment and an attrition rate of 7%. The company was able to save substantial time and money by partnering with York Solutions.

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