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MS3 Case Study: Large Healthcare Organization

Filling open IT and technology positions is a complex and time-consuming endeavor, especially when a company has specialized requirements and a short turnaround time. York Solutions’ Managed Service Solution (MS3) is a workforce resources solution that relieves internal employees of the hiring burden. MS3 screens, selects, and places top IT talent to reach business goals and optimize time and money.

The Challenge

A large healthcare organization was implementing a new platform and needed to bring on a team of business analysts, project managers, and project coordinators to support the project. These positions required healthcare experience, and some needed skills in a particular focus area. The client’s internal team was already stretched thin, so York Solutions managed the process of screening, interviewing, and onboarding highly qualified talent to fill the roles.

The Solution

We worked closely with the client to gain a clear understanding of the skills and experience required of the different candidates. We knew that we needed to select and present the right people quickly in order for them to hit the ground running. York’s team used the MS3 model to review resumes, select a short list of candidates, conduct interviews, and make swift, informed hiring decisions.

“York was able to bring in high-talent resources very quickly,” said Silvia Hinton, VP of the Barriers to Entry program at York Solutions. “Every step of the recruiting and hiring process normally takes a lot of time from employees. We took that off their plate so they could focus on what they do best.”

The Results

York Solutions placed 48 resources at the company within 6 months, meeting the 10-day SLA guarantee. MS3 saved the organization a total of $232,200 in soft savings, and 16 of the original consultants remained after the program was completed to help with secondary programs that needed support.

“The client said that we took a lot of stress off their team, saving them time and money,” said Hinton. “They had confidence in their partnership with York and knew that they would get strong resources without having to worry about the process. We have an ongoing relationship with the client, and we continue to place the right people in the right roles.”

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