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Networking for IT Leaders

  • How to “Level-Up” Your Network

    November 08, 2016

    There’s no one-step solution when maintaining your professional network. Meeting new people and keeping in touch with old colleagues takes time and energy, and it’s an ongoing effort. Simply maintaining your network is necessary, but growing your network is very important as well. What can you do to “level-up” your network?

  • Steps to Advance Your IT Career in 2017

    January 10, 2017

    What steps do you plan to take in order to further your career this year? While there are plenty of resources available to help you advance yourself professionally, it’s often hard to know where to start.

  • Think IT Repost: How Networking is Key to Overcome Hiring Challenges

    December 07, 2017

    Could you imagine finding your next job opportunity without the help of others? Unfortunately, some professionals go through this exact experience, and they may not realize how much it can hinder their chances of finding a new role quickly. Networking can significantly help job seekers during the search for their next opportunity. Learn more about how one Think IT member’s networking habits greatly helped him during his job search.