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Office Rookie- 8 Tips for IT Professionals to Fit in at a New Job

May 20, 2014

In today’s job market, finding a new position can take months and once you do find that new job, fitting in at your office can become just as anxious at those memories of starting at a new school when you were younger. Yet, this time the stakes are a little higher. The first three months (commonly known as the 90 day trial period) can make you or break you. Here are 8 tips to make a smooth transition into your new role and new company.

  1. Start Prepping Before Your First Day- Building relationships are vital to fitting in and succeeding at your new company. Try and get a jumpstart on building important relationships before your first day. See if your boss and some of your coworkers can meet for lunch or coffee and use that time to get to really know them, as well as learn more about the company.

  2. Don’t Rush It- Take your time getting to know your colleagues. Don’t try to jump in, just to jump in and be noticed. Observe your colleagues and office for a few days. Things will happen in time.

  3. Update Your LinkedIn Profile– This shows that you are excited and committed to your new job. It also allows recruiters to know that you are not available.

  4. Take the Initiative- Many companies have clearly outlined training strategies in which they schedule for you in blocks of time. If you find yourself with downtime, use it as an opportunity to ask questions about what you’ve already learned or do online research.

  5. Show your true colors- The phrase “Be Yourself,” might seem cheesy, but it is very true. You have proven that you have the right skills for the job and impressed hiring managers, so just continue to show them who you are.

  6. Observe company culture- A huge part of integrating into your new work environment is showing that you’re a good cultural fit. Observe how other employees interact and take your cues. Also, follow their communication style by observing the way they communicate in emails.

  7. Be Open to Constructive Criticism- Let your boss know that you want constructive criticism. Laying this out will encourage her to give you valuable feedback. And if you find that there is an issue with your performance, you can work to improve before your official review comes around.

  8. Be a Quick Study- Take lots of notes! It is impossible to absorb everything that your new coworkers are telling you, whether its policies, procedures, or just general knowledge. Carry a notebook and pen with you whenever you are talking to a new person, even if they are not in your department. The more information you have, the better off you will be.

First day jitters are going to be inevitable. Just remember that the company saw something in you and that they feel you are competent to succeed at your job. Don’t sweat over the stressful days and mistakes that you will make (we all make mistakes, especially when you are doing something new), but just keep a professional demeanor and not only will you succeed but also maybe make a few new friends as well!

What are your tips for adjusting to a new company?

Posted By: Danielle Toste


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