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Re-entering the IT Workforce After Time Off

August 22, 2017

Many people know someone who is looking to re-enter the workforce, but re-entering the IT workforce can be harder than other industries. Technology changes so frequently, which is why the thought of going back to work in IT can be a challenge. So, what can one do to successfully re-enter the IT workforce?

Research Study

Business News Daily reported on a recent study which analyzed women who took time off work and later re-enter the workforce. This particular study was interested in whether explaining one’s personal story for taking time off helped to get a job, and the results might not be what most people would expect. Their research concluded that women who discussed their personal lives were 40% more likely to be hired than those who didn’t speak of their situation at all.

The researchers explained that discussing her personal information didn’t mean that she would or wouldn’t be a productive employee; however, she was a preferred candidate if she explained the time taken off.

Important Tips

Although re-entering the IT workforce can be overwhelming, especially if the gap spans over many years, following these steps on Forbes to make the transition easier.

  1. Evaluate your decision to go back to work by considering if you want to work full-time or part-time, as well as child care options, if needed
  2. Build up your professional confidence by practicing your elevator pitch with others
  3. Reflect on your skills and interests to better understand your career options
  4. Update any skills needed by taking certification courses or reviewing industry tools
  5. Network, network, network!
  6. Be open with your family and children about why you want to go back to work to avoid potential surprising reactions
  7. Don’t stay in a job that’s making you unhappy; continue looking for a new opportunity that you will enjoy

Barriers to Entry Program (B2E)

At York Solutions, we also have a program dedicated to helping individuals re-enter the workforce, specifically in IT project management. The Barriers to Entry program, or B2E, is a 3-week training course in project management, as well as some other technical programs, designed to prepare participants for the real-world IT workplace. Program graduates are then placed, through York, at one of our clients on a contract-to-hire basis.

The three main cohorts of people we accept into the program are stay-at-home parents, veterans, and those looking to change careers. We often find that individuals with these backgrounds have skills in organization, strong communication, etc., that prove to be universal in the IT project management industry. We help you to maximize on these skills as they help you to thrive and succeed in the technical space. To learn more about our B2E program, please click here.

Do you have any other tips for how to successfully return to the IT workforce after time off?

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