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SAP Recap: Consideration in Building the Business Case and Roadmap for S/4HANA 

As we continue the conversation on S/4HANA we want to take a moment to thank our facilitators, Joe Ehrlich, Manager, SAP Landscape Health at CHS Inc., and Ingrid Ney, Senior Enterprise Architect at Medtronic for leading our discussion on Wednesday. Also, a big thank you to Medtronic for hosting our group. We had an in-depth conversation on the topic: Consideration in Building the Business Case and Roadmap for S/4HANA. 

We started the session by determining where each company currently is in their S4/HANA journey. After we surveyed the group, we concluded that the majority of the companies represented were in either the planning, building, or implementation stages. Below you will find the questions that were discussed:  

Are you considering a greenfield or brownfield approach?  

Most companies are considering greenfield, brownfield, and bluefieldGreenfield enables complete re-engineering and process simplification. Brownfield lowers time-to-value and TCO and facilitates faster adoption of innovation. Whereas, with bluefield you can migrate and upgrade features and data in a single, non-disruptive go-live project.  

When do you bring in central finance? 

Central finance is something that will be different for each company implementing SAP. One company stated that they have four different scenarios for switching to S4 and all connect back into central financeFor another, central finance did not work 

What are the shiny objects that get the business on board?  

This becomes the million-dollar question we all have. This topic will be discussed moving forward. With the limited time we had on this question, the group responded with; it must align with the company’s future strategy, and financials can be an asset in the long run. 

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