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Six IT Hiring Trends for 2015

December 09, 2014

The pace of IT job growth may be slowing, but it’s still moving ahead at full steam. With the unemployment rate of IT professionals just under 3%, many companies are starting to realize how difficult and time-consuming it is to find new talent. Furthermore, due to the high demand for this industry, many CIOs have had to redouble their efforts to retain current employees. So, are there changes on the horizon as 2015 is ushered in? The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s take a look at some of the hiring trends you can expect to see and why IT leaders are so optimistic about the coming year.

  1. “Security, please!”

In light of the security disturbances that many large corporations have fallen victim to in the past few years, protecting consumer and financial information will, undoubtedly, be a first priority for many companies. According to a recent Computerworld survey, 46% of IT leaders will invest in more security measures, including creating and hiring for more application development, program management, and chief of security positions. Companies know that the road to recovery after a security breach is nothing short of treacherous, so preparation starts with hiring knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals.                                                                                                                               

  1. Rise in mobility

For recruiters, mobile devices will become more prominent in 2015. According to LinkedIn, 72% of active job seekers and 62% of passive candidates say they have visited a company site from their mobile device to learn about careers. Companies must be sure to optimize their sites for mobile viewing to keep up with hiring demands. However, it’s important to remember that being mobile-friendly goes beyond functionality; consider creating downloadable apps to reach the IT talent you are hoping to attract.

  1. Broader hiring practices

Rather than driving candidates to a specific job, applicants will apply for broader groups and projects (business intelligence, product development) and recruiters will match them with an opportunity based on their capabilities.

Ensuring cultural fit is also becoming more of a hiring priority. Companies can teach and develop skills, but culture is something that is not learned. Companies will start paying more attention to personality and making potential company culture fit just as important as your other qualities and abilities.

  1. More flexibility

Contract and freelance hiring trends give businesses great flexibility, but it’s not just companies that are enjoying this freedom; contract workers are prospering as well. Forty-eight percent of CIOs will add more contractors than employees in 2015. Amidst the rising costs of healthcare and the desire to fill short-term needs without long-term commitments, many organizations are increasingly turning to contractors.

  1. Millennial leadership and innovation

Traditionally, promotions have been reserved for long- term employees, but now, with Millennials eager for leadership roles, that’s all changing in the coming year. By 2015 Millennials will hold 27% of management positions in the U.S. Young professionals are interested in creating their own tech businesses; and, with advanced technologies at their disposal, they are free to pursue their passions. They’re interested in revolutionizing current standards, so future IT hiring trends will feature this group as optimistic innovators and leaders.

  1. Widening skillsgap

As the tech industry continues to change at such a rapid pace, this trend should come as no surprise. In addition, with the proliferation of start-ups, worker supply isn’t matching the demand and companies will have to fight harder to retain their employees. Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast survey sheds a light on IT hiring, with 24% of the respondent companies saying they will hire more IT employees next year. The most in-demand jobs for next year include:

  • Programming/application development
  • Project management
  • Help desk/technical support
  • Security/compliance governance
  • Web development
  • Database Administration

While these trends are somewhat speculative, the key to success is for IT leaders to assess the validity of the on-going and upcoming trends, quickly identify potential problems and roadblocks within their organizations, and devise the best immediate plan of action. The race to recruit top talent will be competitive, but for job seekers, 2015 brings many opportunities rewarded with increases in salary and great benefits!

What are your 2015 IT hiring predictions?

Posted By: Ariana Hampton-Marcell


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