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Technology News to Kick Off 2016

January 19, 2016

Wearables Booming with Benefits

Wearables have been booming and new benefits continue to develop for the use of these products. The medical industry is one example. This article looks into 10 wearable medical devices worth keeping on your radar.

Read more from Information Week, 10 Medical-Device Wearables to Improve Patients’ Lives.

Global Water Scarcity May be Solved with this Innovation

“Kristof Retezár, a designer based in Vienna, invented a device that can extract humidity from the air and condense it into drinkable water.”

Read more from Live Science, Self-Filling Water Bottle Converts Humid Air into Drinkable H2O.

Prepare for the Self-Driving Car Era

The support for automakers and tech companies in the development of self-driving cars is becoming more widespread. On Thursday, January 14th, the Obama Administration “pledged to expedite regulatory guidelines for autonomous vehicles and invest in research to help bring them to market.”

Read more from The New York Times, U.S. Proposes Spending $4 Billion on Self-Driving Cars.

Meet the Six Tech Advancers of Today That are Set for Legendary Things Tomorrow

From carbon nanotube transistors to a drone slap bracelet that can be flicked off the wrist to capture HD images, these tiny tech advancements are doing incredible things to enrich economy. This infographic highlights more information about these six tiny techs that will catch your eye!

Read more from Mashable, 6 Tiny Tech Advancements Set for Legendary Things in the Future.

What Top IT news stories have intrigued you so far in 2016? Share with us below!

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