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Think IT Repost: How Networking is Key to Overcome Hiring Challenges

December 07, 2017

Could you imagine finding your next job opportunity without the help of others? Unfortunately, some professionals go through this exact experience, and they may not realize how much it can hinder their chances of finding a new role quickly. Networking can significantly help job seekers during the search for their next opportunity. Learn more about how one Think IT member’s networking habits greatly helped him during his job search.

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Joe Panfil, First VP at OCC, was kind enough to share his story and what he learned after he was part of a downsizing effort and was unexpectedly out of a job. Faced with a competitive job market and a limited number of positions, Joe had to push himself out of his comfort zone and network with the tech community to find his next opportunity.

We get asked all the time “What should I be doing to get my next job?” The answer is never one thing. You need to be doing several things from LinkedIn, networking, joining groups, etc. No one has a magic 8 ball to predict what avenue will bear fruit, so you need to mitigate your risk and spend your time in transition working like you have a full-time job. Below is a summary of some things that Joe suggests can help you during your job searches.

  • Companies hire in cycles, so it’s important to make sure you understand where your current company falls in that cycle and where other companies in the market are in their “growth” stage
  • Determine if you provide more value to your organization than your cost; you might want to start looking in-case your company moves in a different direction and your skill set is no longer needed
  • In today’s world, your LinkedIn profile is almost more important than a resume; many people are hired from LinkedIn, so focus on your profile rather than making sure your resume is perfect (No one ever gets hired just because of their resume)
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile doesn’t just list job duties; focus on the value you added to the organization and the accomplishments you achieved
  • When networking, push yourself outside of your networking comfort zone; coffee meetings are a cost-effective way to network as lunches and dinners can become expensive
  • Schedule networking meetings like a job and create a routine; have “work/networking” and “home” days and aim to have 3 meetings a day
  • Work on expanding your networking rather than trying to get hired; talk about industry trends, relevant skills, etc., instead of selling yourself
  • When the right moment presents itself, talk about how you can add value and propose a job creation

Networking is a very beneficial tool, and there is plenty of advice about effective networking can be crucial during a job search. While these tips are from Joe’s personal experience, he took strategic steps that led him to his current role.

Have you utilized networking to find top talent?

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