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This is Your Year… IT Resume and LinkedIn Tips for the New Year

December 16, 2014

The New Year is fast approaching which will sure lead to new resolutions and opportunities! And, one of those resolutions should be to update your resume and LinkedIn profile for your next job search regardless of whether or not you’re actively looking. Capitalize on the New Year and get a jump start for your career success.

What is the one thing that is a key factor when you are job hunting? GETTING NOTICED! Your resume has 10 seconds to grab the attention of the hiring manager; so when was the last time your resume and LinkedIn were tweaked? With the New Year coming, refresh your brand and get noticed by those hiring manager with these great tips!

Resume Lasting Impressions

A good resume shows your experience, but a great resume reflects your unique skills and the added value you can bring to an organization. Always do your research. With the New Year, lay out what direction you want to take your skills and research companies and job positions that will help get you there. You should be knowledgeable of what your audience is looking for to grab their attention. Then, edit your resume to fit the position you are applying for. And, yes, this can mean tweaking it for every position

Some other resume-updating tips to keep in mind:

  • Brand Communicate your brand effectively with a summary of unique skills and “speak their language”.
  • Experience If you have been with the same company for several years and have moved up the ladder quickly and have held various positions, list the positions which are most relevant to the position you are applying for. Resume length should be no longer than 2 pages.
  • Variables Along with listing job experiences, list measurable achievements that you accomplished in those roles.
  • Buzz WordsSearch Engine Optimization is essential for job searching. Check the position that you are applying for and what keywords they use most frequently and include those words on your resume. Wordle is a great resource to generate word clouds for prominent words used.
  • ReferencesKeep your network fresh and updated.
  • New Year, New LookThe layout of your resume is important. With just a 10 second glance, you want to ensure your layout is visually appealing. Avoid flashy colors and pictures. If you do have programs you have developed or a portfolio, include a QR code or information to link to a landing page. The landing page should be your website portfolio showcasing your projects.
  • Certifications If you are a certified IT professional, these are your prizes! Listing these credentials will bring you a step further because companies recognize the value you bring and the knowledge towards that field.

Using LinkedIn as your Recruiting Tool

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, we suggest you create one soon. LinkedIn is another essential resource for job searching and the hiring process as recruiters and hiring managers are using it more and more as a hiring tool when looking for prospective candidates.

  • Profile Image For your profile picture, be sure that it is professional and up to date. Although you may be the life of the party, this may not be the brand you want to reflect, especially on a professional social media platform. A headshot, from the chest up, will suffice perfectly. 
  • Profile Body Align the content of your resume summary into your profile. Highlight accomplishments over time.  You want the recruiter to be attracted to your profile and leave them wanting more. This leaves room for the recruiters’ interest being enticed versus you providing an information overload.
  • Credentials List your certifications after your name to pinpoint you out from the rest!
  • ReferencesAsk your colleagues to leave recommendations on your profile.
  • Keep It Fresh Maintain a professional profile. Updating LinkedIn can generate more traffic to your profile as it shows up in the news feeds of your connections. Also consider posting industry blogs, tech headlines, joining groups, or writing professional blogs yourself to increase your exposure and showcase your expertise.

In order to be effective, you have to produce results. The quickest way to fail is to fail to plan. By taking the time to do your research and update your resume and LinkedIn profile as needed, you will surely gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Do you have any resume and LinkedIn tips that have worked for you?

Posted By: Anastasia Hoosman


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