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Trends for IT Leaders to Follow in 2020

In the past 10 years, we have seen significant advancements and dramatic changes within IT. It’s hard to remember a time before organizations used technologies like tablets and smartphones, cloud-computing platforms, AI chatbots and assistants, and 4G (soon to be 5G) networks. What innovations and developments can we expect as we begin 2020? Keep an eye on these four trends to set your organization up for success in the new decade.


Collaborative Innovation

IT leaders must take on a proactive role in anticipating business needs and IT services, and building employees’ required skills and capabilities. 77% of IT leaders believe the CIO role is becoming more strategic, and 39% believe CIOs are providing general business and strategic planning to advance  the company according to the latest York Solutions’ CIO report. Effective leaders will build and integrate digital efforts across all departments, creating a culture of collaboration, and working with partners to fill in skill gaps.


Digital Transformation

IT leaders will be the driving force in connecting business goals to the technologies that can make them a reality. 91% of surveyed IT leaders believe CIOs will need to master strategic planning and analytics. They will be responsible for leading digital transformation. Successful leaders will use their deep knowledge of digital technologies and business objectives to communicate their vision to the rest of the team and work toward concrete deliverables.


Shared Security Responsibility

Emerging technologies lead to business advantages like increased efficiency and agility, but they also open organizations up to new cybersecurity threats. Security can’t be an afterthought or a concern for just one department; it must be incorporated into the entire organization and extended to outside partners. IT leaders must approach cybersecurity as a collaborative effort, spreading responsibility throughout the organization with a DevSecOps model, and building strong security strategies within their partnerships.


Human + Tech Power

A highly-skilled and tech-savvy workforce is critical to business success for 2020 and beyond. Employees must be able to incorporate technology into their current roles and adapt it to meet the needs of the future. Leaders must look for creative ways to hire talent based on capabilities and potential, not only skills and experience. They also need to invest in training, employee development, and reskilling to keep up with these demands and improve engagement.

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