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What’s Going On in the Twin Cities IT Market?

September 29, 2015

Information technology is a diverse and in-demand market for graduates to consider and even those considering a career change. The benefits of working in the IT industry are expanding, with more business leaders and tech executives fishing for the premier tech talent. Could IT be considered the “Ivy League” of industries to pursue? There are multiple cities that can be targeted as premier locations for jobs in tech; so we’re taking a look into the Twin Cities as a thriving and savvy tech market to discover what’s really going on.

Best of the Best

According to the Star Tribune, the Twin Cities area boasts the best unemployment rate at 4%, the lowest in the United States. With IT being a most in-demand market, it is no wonder why the Twin Cities consecutively makes the list for the top best cities to work. The Twin Cities houses 17 Fortune 500 companies’ headquartersshared by Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development; which goes to show why this state has a major competitive advantage.

Ranking at the Top

California’s Silicon Valley may be a “hot spot,” but it’s not the only city to live/move to when considering opportunities for IT jobs. There are a variety of roles that these top companies are looking to fill which include software developers, web developers, information research, programmers, SAP, healthcare analysts, and security analysts to name a few!

Ranked at 18 out of 100 of the Best Places for Tech Jobs in 2015, NerdWallet highlights the average tech salary for the Twin Cities at $86,452.42. It definitely pays to have thought leaders and skilled IT backgrounds and experiences. Forbes’ listed Minneapolis- St. Paul, MN as the 39th best place for business and careers for 2015; and the major industries are financial services, technology, and biomedical retail.

What Does the Future Hold?

The Twin Cities area is home to one of the largest corporate communities and is a melting pot for emerging leaders and growth opportunities. “There’s no place in the world that’s more prepared to lead on food, water, and health technology than the greater Minneapolis–St. Paul region,” Michael Langley, CEO of Greater MSP, shared in the article, Future Twin Cities: What Life Will Look Like in 2040 and Beyond. With its many accolades, there is a bright future for the Twin Cities area while it remains dominant in the industry of technology.

What are your predictions for the future of tech in the Twin Cities? Share below!

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Posted By: Anastasia Hoosman


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