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WIL Meeting Recap: Learn How a Coach Can Help You Realize Your Full Potential

Thank you to Jackie Hartman, Business Relationship Manager at Cargill for gathering Paula Winkler, COO at The Disruptive Element and Gina Soleil, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, and American Author to lead an inspiring conversation on the topic: Learn How a Coach Can Help You Realize Your Full Potential. Also, thank you to Medica for hosting. 

The benefits of having a coach are endless and can be impactful to many facets of your life. Gina Soleil engaged our Think IT members quickly last Friday, by stating that most humans spend more time in their head than they do in the real world. Her goal is to help us get out of our heads and into the real world. One way to do this is to simply love ourselves. When you start to love yourself, it opens the door to give love in other areas of your life.  

Why should we consider having a coach? Working with a coach can help an individual identify any barriers that stand in their way to achieve a certain goal. We all have various barriers inside us that are stopping us from moving closer to our goals. The first step is deciding you want to upgrade.  

Paula Winkler defined coaching as how to help someone make what they want to be true. She talked about a few key steps to finding the right coach. Finding the correct match is crucial to a successful coaching experience. Who you choose as a coach can make or break your experience. The next step is finding clarity of where you want to be and aligning that with your coach. When selecting a coach, you should make sure that you have a feeling of safety and confidentiality in the relationship for greatest success. Always remember that each and every coaching journey is going to be different, as we are human beings. 

How do you determine that you want to make a change in your life? Paula and Gina gave two recommendations, find your value and love yourself. As women, we tend to have limiting beliefs that we are not enough or that we are not loveable. The purpose of a coach is not only to help you achieve that new promotion you may want but to also upgrade yourself as a whole. By upgrading yourself, you are also upgrading everyone around you.