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York CARES: 2015 American Staffing Association CARE Awards Honoree

November 17, 2015

The American Staffing Association announced the honorees for their 2015 CARE Awards at their annual convention in Nashville, TN.  The winners of this award are recognized for their extraordinary corporate and social initiatives, and we are happy to announce that York Solutions has made the list! 

</div> <p>Winners were selected in six categories, and we are so humbled to receive this award as a result of the work we do with our professional development association, <a href="" target="_blank">Think IT</a> , and involvement as ambassadors for the wonderful organization, <a href="" target="_blank">Genesys Works</a>.</p> <p>As you may already know, Think IT is a service we provide with the overall mission of fostering professional growth and development through the power of networking and collaboration. In addition to our initiatives to help IT professionals on an individual-level, we also want to focus on the development of our future IT leaders which is why our partnership with Genesys Works is so important to us.   </p> <p>Through this year’s <a href="" target="_blank">Annual Charity Golf Invitational</a> which benefits the Genesys Works- Twin Cities chapter, we were able to raise $55,000 with the support of our community and corporate partners. In addition to our golf event, the impact through our successful partnership has generated over $175,000 total, including 6, $8,000 college scholarships for Genesys Works alumni through the Think IT Young Professionals Scholarship fund!</p> <p>Congratulations to all of the other companies who were honored! It is truly a rewarding feeling to be able to help the communities we serve in whatever small way that we can and thank you to all of those people who help support us in making it happen. </p> <p><a href="" target="_blank" class="readableLinkWithMediumImage"><img alt="Some description" src="http://demo:tmpB016!" /></a></p> <p><strong><em> Posted By: Anastasia Hoosman</em></strong></p> <h3>Tags:</h3> <h4>No comments yet. Be the first!</h4> <h3>Your Comment:</h3> <form id="ctl00" action="/news/york-cares-2015-american-staffing-association-care-awards-honoree/" id="ctl00"> <div id="ContentPlaceHolderDefault_MainContent_InnerPageContent_Comments_5_pnlCommentForm"> <p> <label>Name</label> <br /> <label>Email</label> *This will not be displayed. <label>Comment</label> </p> </p></div> </form>